Embedded systems…the journey has begun.

Began my journey into a new field – embedded systems (or physical computing) – as I try to develop a new program for my students. I’ve done most of the practice projects, and now I am starting my ‘main’ project – one of two – where I want to create a system that will take finish line photographs (when an IR beam is broken), particularly for sprint events at out athletics carnival. The next project will be to introduce RFID tags to teachers in the Math/Science staffroom that will then indicate on a screen outside the room to students/visitors which teachers are in and which are out/away. It can get quite annoying to keep walking to the door and then searching for the teacher (we have about 24 in these two adjoining rooms) only to find they are out in another location.

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The Journey to Inventing

Here I am blogging. This will be a challenge; not just blogging, but learning to invent. I’ll have to take the first steps before I can lead my students to do the same. this is going to be an interesting season. What is life without new challenges and rising to meet them.

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